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Zoe Doubleday Curiculum Vitae
New Media Designer & Artist


Zoe Doubleday is a New Media Artist and Designer. Her passion lies at the intersection of Art, Technology, Design, and Engineering. She wields emergent digital tools such as interactive media, cross platform development and high tech production. She believes in technology and design as a way to engage, enable, educate, and empower people in creative ways. Zoe is obsessed with the details, zealous for learning and implementing new skills, and intrinsically motivated to excel.


M.A., Emergent Digital Practices, University of Denver, Denver, CO Thesis: Haptika: RE-Membering Trauma through Haptic Contradiction

B.F.A., Fine Arts with a concentration in Photographic Imaging and a minor in French language, Colorado State University; Fort Collins, CO
Thesis: Ethereal Territory

Professional Work Experience

Production Design Intern
Cactus | Denver, Co | 3034557545 |
Designed custom graphics; sourced imagery for diverse content; edited visual content. Creatively worked through solutions with the digital health marketing team, GRIT, to visualize and actuate the YOU portal.

Freelance Design
6162 Productions | Denver, CO |
Rebranded the identity of a cinematic production company. Produced logo, brand identity, and accompanying graphics. Developed and implemented a custom website.

Radical Choices, LLC | Boulder, CO | 3034150056

Spearheaded creative content and design overhaul. Responsible for User Experience, User Interaction and Navigation Layout; Brand Development; Content Conceptualization and Creative Consultation as well as implementation of Web Development Services and Freelance Design.

Radical Love | Boulder, CO | 3034150056

Designed custom website; consulted on brand direction.

Graphic Design
Produced logos for Sun Treats, Spektor, Haptika, Makey Muse.

Summer 2015
Lead Counselor and Instructor
Girls Make Games; LearnDistrict | Portland, Or | Instructed and lead adolescent girls in the art of video game production. Lead workshops on game design process, production, programming, critique process, and launch.

Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Denver | Denver, Co | 3038717716
Responsible for creation of multimedia content for multi-platform development including web, social media; public relations and outreach in a fast paced and deadline intensive environment. In charge of Emergent Digital technology equipment management and administrative tasks.

Senior Creative Project Specialist
Leave A Legacy | Denver, CO | 3036670607
Met with clients to actualize creative projects from raw materials to finished production under strict deadlines and budget requirements. Responsible for Studio Management; Print Production; Video Production; Graphic Design; Social Media; Thought Leadership; Website Maintenance, Client Relations

Additional Professional Experience

Conference Presentations

New Media Caucus Showcase

The Corcoran School of Design, Washington D.C.; 2016
Presented Haptika: RE-Membering Trauma through Haptic Contradiction

University of Denver Research and Performance Symposium

University of Denver, Denver, CO; 2016
Presented Haptika: RE-Membering Trauma through Haptic Contradiction

The New Media Caucus Journal; 2016

Haptika: RE-Membering Trauma through Haptic Contradiction


Denver Mini Maker Faire

The Museum of Nature and Science, Denver, CO; 2016
Showcasing Haptika: RE-Membering Trauma through Haptic Contradiction

Build Peace Salon

Sie Complex, Denver, CO; 2016
Showcasing Haptika: RE-Membering Trauma through Haptic Contradiction

Solo Performance

Blood Honey Snow (Apis mellifera) A Trauma Treasure

Live Interaction Installation and Performance C3 Studios, Denver, CO; 2015

Juried Group Art Exhibition

Emergent Digital Practices Expo

The Cloud, Denver, CO; 2016

Haptika: RE-Membering Trauma through Haptic Contradiction

Haptika aims to transform the landscape of therapeutic tools by bringing empowering interventions into the hands of the survivor. Haptika is a set of DIY wearable technology kits aimed at mitigating the effects of abuse. Survivors of abuse can possibly contradict the effects of violence through self employed haptic touch experiences with interactive interfaces resulting in creative expression. Through the access, creation, and remix of these DIY tools, survivors can re-establish a sense of embodiment and empowerment thus contradicting the helplessness and fragmentation of trauma.

EDP Exposition

C3 Studios, Denver, CO; 2015
Mutual Emergence: Biosensing visualized through audio responsive application and particle system. An expression of mutual becoming using biosensing techniques to explore ideas of collaborative emergence. Using an Xth Sense Mechanical Myography (MMG) sensor attached to the forearm of a performer, information is fed into a particle system generated in Max/MSP. The particle system regenerates based on a system of feedback. Additionally, The sensor relays audio signals through muscle vibrations that act as a sort of pre-signal seen in the visualization before the movement is actually enacted. The performer must build a relationship with their own biology through understanding how the sensor reads information from the human musculature. Through adaptive perceptions of our biological workings and systems of feedback mutual emergence forms and reforms.

[CO] f l u x II

Site-Specific Installation
C3 Studios, Denver, CO; 2015
Exquisite Crux is an intimate look into the emotional nature of confronting a traumatic experience. The work displays the body, ungrounded and caught in perpetual oscillation, cycling through moments of graceful ecstasy to elegant torment. The cycle represents a struggle with being completely aware and uninhibited with one’s own soul. In this regard, Exquisite Crux represents the splendid, glorious agony of acknowledgment and healing. The cycle of anguish, epiphany and healing are often an amalgam of contradictory feelings that can be likened to experiencing ecstasy in torment. Exquisite can be likened to a divine experience while Crux represents torment, body and base – providing a structure for these fluctuating and fluid emotions.

[CO] f l u x

Site-Specific Installation
Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver, CO; 2015
Transphemeral manifests in the use of two poles to personify the flux and flow of transaction between beings. Projection onto semi-transparent fabric enables fluidity and ephemerality in the work. It uses visceral elements and capitalizes on psychosomatic reactions to deeply instinctual aversions to simultaneously create an attraction and repulsion within the viewer. Transphemeral explores themes of exchange while blurring the lines between sexuality and sacrosanct. Elements of the symmetrical transactions are explicitly sexual in nature, appearance and cultural significance. Similarly, the same elements have been used across time and religious practice in ritual, worship and baptismal purifications. By enabling these connections that are inherently conflicting in a visceral amalgam, the piece creates in the viewer a deeply unsettling feeling of attraction and repulsion while attempting to find balance between the transactions of flux and flow.

The BFA Exhibition

Fine Arts Juried Exhibition
The Hatton Gallery, Fort Collins, CO; 2012

The Undergrad Show

Arts and Sciences Juried Exhibition
The Curfman Gallery, Fort Collins, CO; 2012


Artist Sketch Collections and Failed Experiments
Downtown Artery, Fort Collins, CO; 2012
Artists were invited to exhibit their collections of sketches and failed art experiments as a sort of delineation of artistic process by highlighting the intertwined notions of art and fear.

Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Cherry Creek Art Festival Juried Exhibition for emergent artists Cherry Creek, Denver, CO; 2010

Solo Art Exhibition

Ethereal Territory

Thesis Exhibition
The Center For Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO; 2012

Content and Concept Skills

Interaction and Experience Design

Video Production

Graphic Design

Creative Coding

Wearable Technology

3D Modeling

3D Printing
Web Design
Traditional and Digital Photography Rapid Prototyping
Project Management
Creative Consulting

Technical Skills

Adobe Creative Suite
Physical Computing
Electronics Prototyping
Wearable Technology Design
Video Production and Post Production

Interaction Design

3D Printing Programming WordPress

Programming Languages



JAVA JavaScript

Fellowships and Awards

2015-2016 Klingenstein Scholar Award, University of Denver
2014-2015 Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantship, University of Denver 2014-2015 Dean’s Scholarship Award
2012 Graduated Cum Laude, Colorado State University
2008-2012 Dean’s List Award, Colorado State University

Media Coverage

“Is This Skirt Asking For It? #WearableWednesday,” By Leslie Birch, December 3, 2014, online: wearablewednesday/