AdiPet is a simple and colorful game that represents harmful experiences. By giving the player a sense of co-dependence and an understanding of the contradictory relationship of addiction, the game demonstrates addiction being something that seems to always lurk in one’s life even if it is small and barely noticeable.

AdiPet is a game that explores relationship with Addiction. This iteration is a proof of concept of a more complete game that allows the player to choose an Addiction Pet and then maintain it. The player can choose Feed, Play, Toilet and Attention from a list of interactions. Clicking on these actions has an effect as well as not clicking on the actions. This game explores contradictory relationships of co-dependence, tolerance levels, cycles of addiction and rehabilitation, and the never disappearing nature of addiction. AdiPet was inspired by Tamagotchi interactions and is meant to be carried around with the player as a game on a smartphone. The game is always on and always in need of maintenance. By playing the game, the player gets a sense of co-dependence on their AdiPet. If the tolerance level has peaked, the Pets begin to rise, leaving reality. It is possible to reach a point that causes the player and Pets to hit rock bottom. This provides a sort of “restart” in which the Player can make new choices for the Pet.

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