“Milk, Hair, Lips” is the first installment of a series called “Trauma Treasures”. This piece examines my creative praxis using a new scope and method of video work. By removing the setting from most of the work, new relationships and and interactions were created to reveal distinct intricacies. My work has always had a voyeuristic dimension but Part I of “Milk, Hair, Lips” takes that intimacy to a deeper level by centering on the face, and most notably the mouth. White liquid pouring forth from the lips has many connotations which seems explicit when paired with red lipstick. But the repeated palpable elements manifests the piece, as a whole, in a more disturbing manner. For Part II of the video work, I use one take of a somewhat laborious exploration of materials that directly reflects the way my mind pulls apart, mashes together, combines and arranges new materials while creating. The second part of the video is meant to be paired with a performance aspect of physically laying out the elements used in part two. All together, the video compilation creates an unsettling and methodical approach to the habitual process of creation.