This Processing Sketch, Nebula, was made specifically for a 1920×1080 monitor for the Emergent Digital Practices office at the University of Denver. The images above and the embedded sketch are of a smaller version than the final.

The particle system created in the sketch starts as a small cluster and unfurls outward in a constrained manner. When it reaches a certain extent of its diameter, it bounces back at a slower velocity. Because the position in the PVector is generative, the lines will appear at random. This allows for the sketch to develop in a unique manner each time it is run. The vibrant colors translate from warm to cool using lerpColor. The movement compounded with the choice of color distribution creates a whimsical but electric composition that is reminiscent of a nebula. A nebula, which is Latin for cloud, is used to denote an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. I wanted to create a mysterious but visually complex sketch that had a life of its own, reflecting the mysteries and complexities of the stellar sphere.