I created this video to act as a commentary that generates thought and discussion on the bourgeoning market of Ubiquitous Computing. There has been rapid expansion in the realms of both Home Management devices (i.e. Nest, HomeKit, etc.) and Healthcare Management (i.e. the App Store, Facebook, etc.). In this moment in time, our main mode of communication with those around us and with our tech involves focused interaction. I am interested in speculating on how our intensity and method of interaction with those around us will evolve, or devolve, as our technology develops a more managerial role. To illustrate an extreme of devolved interaction, I chose the familiar context of a young couple involved in family planning. What should be an emotional and involved process has been reduced to the transfer of information and automatic responses to a health app’s management. This illustration can be used to further delve into how the role of technology in peoples’ lives shapes their behavior. As Marshall McLuhan stated, “We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”