Puriteen is a satirical project aimed at disrupting misogynistic subcultures that believe that:

1. A girl is the property of her father until she is passed onto her husband

2. That her choices are not her own and that her choices must stem out from her male authority figure.

3. A woman’s value lies in her body, in her purity, and chastity. These ideas promote shame centered encouragement to be pure rather than promoting character and strength building.

4. A woman’s choice of purity is not her own.

The subcultures that practice these beliefs perpetually instill shame, powerlessness, the inability to make decisions, reliance on perceived male authority, and limits on what a woman is capable of.

There is nothing wrong with loving your daughter, being a good role model, and encouraging her if she chooses to pursue abstinence before marriage.

Women are not property. Women are not investments. A Woman’s value does not lie in the purity of her vagina. A Woman’s life is not defined by man.

My goal is to disrupt a culture of misogyny, to call attention to a subculture and system of beliefs that are still prevalent in parts of America. By creating a satirical project that heavily relies on “securing an investment” I am addressing a group that, at the very basic level, lives in fear of women. This drives them to feel that they have the right and should maintain power of them. The women that these men do not have control over, are damned in their eyes. My hope for this project is to create a reaction that generates discussion and awareness.